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Question 26:

Spring 3.0 provides the PropertyEditor for performing thread-safe type conversion.
This allows any Type to be converted to any other Type.

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Question 27:

For a given web.xml configuration:

 <web-app version="2.5"> 

Which path should has file that contains XML configuration metadata for ApplicationContext of given DispatcherServlet?

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Question 28:

Suppose I have an aspect:
@Before("execution(* method*()")

and the following class:

public class MyClass() { 
    public void method1() { 
    public void method2() { 

If I call, myClass.method1(), from another class, which methods does the advice run against?

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Question 29:

The following methods :-

  • queryForInt(args)
  • queryForList(args)
  • getJdbcOperations()
  • getNamedParameterJdbsOperations()

are all present in which of the following class?

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Question 30:

The dynamic languages currently supported by Spring are:-

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