ASP.Net MVC - Quiz

Question 1:

Boxing in .Net allows user to convert?

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Question 2:

How could you consume an REST ful web service from the application?

  1. Generate a Proxy by selecting add reference in Visual Studia.
  2. Create an HTTPService and Connect using GET (URL).
  3. Generate a proxy by selecting Add a Service reference in Visual Studio
  4. Create a WCF Procy class.
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Question 3:

To find a minimum value in a sequence, which one is correct?

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Question 4:

What interfaces or classes should be implemented or inherited when creating custom authentication that is based on a non-Windows, third-party provider?

  1. ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider
  2. IIdentity
  3. SQLMembershipProvider
  4. IPrincipal
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Question 5:

Given, We have House and Boat classes and we have requirement to make a HouseBoat that inherits from both House and Boat.

Which of the following approaches would not work?

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