About us

Modern Pathshala is the world’s leading portal for students & professionals which aims to help enhancing their capabilities in optimum time.

Partly due to redundancy of data on internet and partly due to unavailability of classroom learning in most of the cities, user often have to waste their valuable time searching appropriate content on internet or waste their time in travelling from one city to another to attend classroom courses. Things are changing so frequent that we need to keep on updating ourselves day by day.

Today industry demand continuous learning along with work. This requires a lot of self-motivation. “Modern Pathshala at everywhere” learning approach provides you to connect you to us using your mobile, desktop, ipad anywhere anytime. ModernPathshala let you connect with the contents and materials written by expert industry gurus which will reduce time to learn by making learning more interactive.

Request Workshop and interact with us

This facility can be availed by universities. We offer full day interactive workshop events to various engineering colleges. These workshops are conducted by highly experienced technical geeks of industry. Some of the workshops are highlighted below:-

  • Java - J2EE
  • Microsoft Web Technologies
  • Designing responsive web applications using Bootstrap
  • Blogging
  • E-Commerce Domain

Our Approach

Modern Pathshala provides e-learning portal which incorporates visual aid, creative design and rich user interface to improve skills of individuals.

Modern Pathshala collaborates with multiple domain and skill experts to provide highly refined content to users.

Modern Pathshala provides features to define goals and sets road map to achieve defined goals in optimized way. User can customize this learning plan in his own way.

Progress tracking feature enable users to keep an eye on their learning status.

We believe in group leaning which not only allow individual to share ideas but provides a common platform to learn with others.

Modern Pathshala allows users to create sub-groups where they can invite others members to participate and share their ideas.

Modern Pathshala believe in practical learning approach.

We provides quiz, interview questions and lab assessments after end of each course.

What we provide?


We provide quality content and materials to our users. The courses have been designed for students and experienced professionals, by analyzing research papers and multiple publications to provide a better learning track

Video Tutorials

We provide videos for our courses which provides real-time simulation and classroom learning experience to our users.

Seminar and Workshops

We provide workshop and seminars to colleges and companies on demand which will help users to interact with industry experts, have hands-on experience and reshape themselves to solve real life problems.


Users can explore current hot & trending topics, articles, white papers and research papers which provide in depth understanding of any topic.

Interview Stuffs

Our goal is to provide platform where user can assess his/her learning experience with us which will help to improve and fill the gaps to achieve his goals.

Discussion Forum

Users can interact with each others, solve their problems in forums which will allow them to explore different ways of solving the problem.


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