What is BCL/ CL in .Net?


BCL stands for Base class library also known as Class library (CL). BCL is a subset of Framework class library (FCL). Class library is the collection of reusable types that are closely integrated with CLR. Base Class library provides classes and types that are helpful in performing day to day operation e.g. dealing with string and primitive types, database connection, IO operations.

Base class library

Namespace included in Base Class library are as following

System Provides primitive data types, console, array etc.
System.Collections Provide classes to work with collection e.g. List, stack, queue, dictionary
System.Configuration Used for reading and writing program configuration data
System.Data Provide classes to work with Data, ADO.Net
System.Diagnostics Provides tracing, logging, performance counters, etc. functionality
System.Drawing Provide classes to work with graphics
System.Globalization Provide classes to support globalization
System.IO Provides classes to work file files, IO stream.
System.Linq Interface to LINQ providers and the execution of LINQ queries
System.Net Provide classes to work with network protocol e.g. SMTP, TCP
System.Reflection provide classes to read class/assembly information at runtime
System.Resources Provide classes to work with multilingual resources.
System.Security provide classes to work with encryption, hashing etc.
System.Text Provide classes for text encoding, dealing with regular expression
System.Threading Contains methods to manage the creation, synchronization and pooling of program threads
System.Web Classes to work with web application like ASP.Net, Web services and MVC
System.Xml Provide classes to work with XML type

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