What are the advantages of using AJAX?


What are the usage of Ajax?


There are many advantages of using AJAX. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Reduces Server Load:- Assume there are 10 images on your webpage and various components on your webpage which loads huge data. Our requirement is to update particular section of your webpage on any event like click on any button which is independent of other components. If you send synchronous request the whole webpage will get updated and server have to process huge amount of data but if you use AJAX, there will be less load as compared to synchronous request as server will process only a portion of webpage.
  2. User Friendly:- As server responds faster without refreshing whole page, it is more user friendly as compared to synchronous HTTP request.
  3. Non blocking:- If you are using AJAX to update the webpage in such case, user can interact with other components of webpage when an AJAX request is initiated. 

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