Hanumanthappa - Hero of Nation

Nobody will ever forget brave-heart Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad’s battle to strive for life. On February 03, 2016 Indian Military Base was hit by an avalanche in the northern region of Siachen Glacier. 10 Indian soldiers were trapped deeply under the snow and ultimately succumbed to death, leaving the whole nation in tears.


Indian soldiers face extreme level of difficulties while protecting our nation from the enemies on the borders. They live in inhumane conditions along with intolerable and exhaustive climatic conditions. Siachen however has always remained a big issue for the army.  Before posting regimen at Siachen, a rigorous training is conducted in order to prepare the men physically and mentally but even the training cannot safeguard their lives.


The avalanche hit which brought severe conditions faced by soldiers while patrolling at the peaks into limelight is a miracle in itself. The survival of Siachen’s Hero from the avalanche even after six days being buried in the snow has catch all the eyes and ears. The story is about an Indian Army soldier’s willpower and the zest to live. Lance Naik was rescued alive even after remaining beneath 35 feet snow that too in - 45 degrees Celsius temperature. The rescue operations were conducted by Indian Army after the disaster.

Though, Hanumanthappa died at Army Hospital on February 11, 2016 due to multiple organ failure but his journey to fight-back and fight till his last breathe will keep us motivated for a long time. He had proved with his heroic deeds that he was a true soldier; he lived for the country and ultimately died while safeguarding our country’s peaks.


The other soldiers who died in the avalanche along with Naik has contributed equally for our nation’s safety and all of them have registered their name as one of the toughest army men and they will continue to conquer hearts of millions for a long term.

Lance Naik who was almost believed to triumph death will keep on serving as an inspiration for all of us. Deep inside our hearts we will always respect our hero for his unbelievable deed. The journey of this Army man has motivated all of us manifolds to bow our heads and salute our army with more respect and pride. We all owe to our lives to them and their brave-deeds as we all are able to sleep calmly at our homes because these heroes are our shield.

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