Harish Nanjappa begged, “Donate my organs” even after his body sliced

The heroic deeds of a person are most of the times remembered and cherished after his death. Life is uncertain but still each day we keep on moving ourselves in the hope of living every next step moment. It does not matter how and where you do it. What expected out of you is to serve humanity so that you remain alive even after your death.

Harish Nanjappa

The 24-year old Bengaluru guy, named Harish Nanjappa was moving back to the city after a short visit to his village. He was riding his motorbike when suddenly a cargo truck tried to overtake him on the highway. The truck collided with such a great force with Harish’s motorcycle that he was almost under truck’s wheels. Within seconds, his body got split into two and he lied there begging for help.

Harish shouted, begged and pleaded for almost 20 minutes but nobody turned up to help the pure soul. He constantly asked people to donate his organs even after suffering from such unbearable pain. After sometime eventually an ambulance arrived and he was taken to hospital.

Harish Nanjappa

Nanjappa was working for a famous Bengaluru firm, Whitefield Suburb. Keeping due regards to Nanjappa’s last words Doctors procured his eyes and donated them to a hospital. Since, he was wearing a helmet his eyes remain undamaged and thus, could be harvested. The truck driver has been detained and a case is registered against him.

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