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In a candid chat session with students, Google CEO Sundar Pichai answered various questions which shows how future is going to be reinvented by Google and motivates people to follow their dream.

Sundar Pichai

What did you dream about when you were studying?

I did dream like most of the Indian's dream of. I used to be huge fan of Gavaskar and later Sachin. I wanted to be part of Silicon Valley.

How you keep in touch with Silicon Valley from IIT Kharagpur?

I was interested in Semiconductors and William Shockley the person who invented Semiconductors was from Silicon Valley. I used to get information by reading.

How do you/Google stay relevant?

In technology world, everything changes with fast pace. We figure out what the next wave is and reinvent yourself. Part of reason what we are  interested in India because India is younger country and vast country and new trends will come from such place.

Is Google a fun place or a place of workaholics?

It's lot more balance than people realize. It's amazingly fun place. I did felt like a kid in a candy store when I first reached Google.

How do you take the challenge of staying No 1?

From our perspective, It's true in technology the world keep changing and we keep building products for future and we are thinking about future trends. We always had a very ambitious mission and make it universally accessible.

Is it mandatory for people in India to move West to become tech star?

I hope not, You can follow multiple parts, not just engineering. I think it is important to follow your dream and do things by which you are excited by. In Silicon Valley, you can start and fail, you will have badge of honor, so keep taking risk.

What next for Google?

There are many things we are working on , things that can make excited are machine learning, artificial intelligence and build system that can learn automatically like self driving car, health care.

What would you have been if not CEO of Google?

I still would have been building software products. I love building products at the end of the day.

What motivated you to switch fields from Metallurgy, Management to Computer Science and did you ever fell incompetent?

I always had been passionate about technology and first chance I got to program, I learned programming. I wanted to be part of technology and was necessary to switch fields. If you actually doing something secure you are working in comfort zone and let you feel insecure, its inherent part of learning.

How will the pace of startup India will impact West?

When I met people/entrepreneurs, I find no difference between people in the valley and India can do same kind of things. Even one who sell tea in remote area, I find entrepreneurs spirit in him who saw the opportunity.

How Google is planning to have developers who have startups and are students?

One of the things we have announced new program to train 2 million android developers in 30 universities who will make work force and solve many new things.

How do we now adapt ourself to be future ready?

Creativity is important attribute, another thing is hands-on, how to do things by hand by and more of project-based learning and teach students to take risk and system will not penalized for failures.

Why don't we have Indian deserts name for Android versions like Nan Khhatai, Niyappam or P for Peda?

When I will met my Mom, I'll ask for suggestions. Next time when we will be working for next version of N we will have online poll and if all Indian's vote we will make it happen.

Was the ability to think big/scalable within you or did you learned it when you reached USA?

It's a good question. Google played a big part in it. We work on problem which applies to day to day life like Google Books; which are read by billions of people everyday.

What will Google do to involve women?

It's global problem. One of the things we did pilot project in which women ride cycles equipped with smart phones and teach other women in rural areaas how to go online. We are happy to expand this program to cover 300 thousand villages in next year.

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