Using Google Webmaster tool to improve your SEO - Part 1

07/11/2015 Amit Gupta 1504 SEO

Have you build any website or planning to build? Do you have ever thought of any tool to manage your website to detect broken links, total indexed links on Google, how to manage the robot.txt file which is used by search engines for crawling purpose or internal linkage of your webpage or external linkage of your webpage etc

Today we will understand one of the most important SEO tool used to manage your website i.e Google WebMaster tool. Yes, this is one of the most popular tool provided by Google. One of the reasons of its popularity is due to its simplicity to manage and free of cost availability.

Before you start how to use webmaster tool to improve SEO and manage your website, first you have to understand how to setup Google webmaster tool for your website.

Steps to Setup Google Web Master Tool

  1. If you don't have Google account, visit Create Google Account to create you Google account.


    Once you successfully create Google account you will have Gmail ID and access to Google Account.
  2. Now to setup Google Web Toolkit, you need to visit following link Google Webmasters tool
    Login google webmaster
    Now use your Google credentials to log in to Google Webmasters Tool.

  3. Once you login to your webmasters tool account you have to Add A Property for which you want to track the GWT. For this click on Add a site  button as shown in below image.  Google Webmaster Home Screen
  4. Once you click on Add A Property and provide the URL to your website and click on continue, you will get below screen.
    Webmasters SetUp
  5. Now you have to verify whether the provided website belongs to you or not. For this, you have to download the HTML verification file and place it to your root directory of your web application as shown below
    RootDirectory Webmaster Placement
    There are other alternate methods to verify ownership of your website, but it is preferred to use the recommended one.
    Alternate Methods Google Webmaster Setup.JPG
  6. Once you place the file at the root directory of your website, click on verify button. Now your website is ready to track and manage using Google Webmasters Tool

In our next article, we will understand how to manage the website using Google Webmasters Tool and how to improve your website SEO.

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